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December 4, 2012

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Warning About Those Other So Called Free Used Flutes Sites

    Announcements    February 2, 2015

So Called Free Used Flutes Classifieds Websites

Did you ever wonder where some of your unwanted spam comes from? Ever wonder how a flute company that you may have never had any contact with, emails you over and over? Well it’s time to put that little mystery, and bad practice in it’s place. You may even question why you have been using those other so called “Free” used flute classifieds sites after reading this.

For one of the most popular used flutes websites, it is their use of very old clear text technology that is costing you your privacy and causing agrivation when, after all, the selling process is supposed to be Free. Here are their dirty little secrets.

  1. They say Free, or at least imply it. While the ad may be Free to post, the removal of that ad may come with a price.
  2. The other sad fact is the technology they use on the site, has a major flaw. It reveals your email address as clear-text*. Their web pages are open to the public. There is no account to create, no sign in… nothing. Any stranger or automated email address harvester can grab your email address just by visiting and indexing the site.

Keep in mind with FREE Flute Classifieds your email address is never revealed to anyone not even a potential buyer, unless you direct the site, or your account to do so. If you receive, what you believe is, a fraudulent email from a potential buyer then all they have done is clicked on the “Contact” tab to the right of your ad and filled out the form and clicked on the “Send Reply”  button. The email was sent via our server and the email has not come directly from the fraudulent buyer so as long as you don’t respond to the fraudulent buyer’s email and ignore their bogus request they will go away.

And remember, they will not know your email address unless you direct the site, or your account to do so. And you do not email them back.

Please proceed cautiously with “too good to be true” offers.


*Clear-text: A term used to describe any data that is not encrypted. For example, a website that does not subject clear-text email addresses to encryption means the email address can be “sniffed” or harvested for use by spammers.

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Ad Submission NOW Working Properly

    Announcements    March 29, 2012

A thank you needs to go out to Brennan H. for informing us that the ad submission process within our classifieds website was not working properly.

As soon as we received the email from Brennan we jumped into action and quickly found and solved the issue. The ad submission process is now working properly.

Again, a big thanks to Brennan and if you encounter anything on FREE Flute Classifieds that doesn’t seem to be functioning properly please send us an email through the Contact page.

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How a Flute is Made – From Start to Finish

    Uncategorized    October 1, 2011

How a flute is made.

It is extraordinary the painstaking craftsmanship that goes into the making of a flute.

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FluteTalk Dot Com has Returned!

    Announcements    June 21, 2011

FluteTalk featured logo

A recent server failure has caused our companion website, FluteTalk.com, to be down for several weeks six months ago. FluteTalk.com has moved to a new server, with all the content from the old server, and is up and running. Your login information from the old site should work on the new site.

We are also changed the software that is used for the forum. We switched from YaBB to vBulletin forum software.

vBulletin Logo

vBulletin the most powerful forum software

Please continue to check back and we look forward to the lively discussions on FluteTalk.com.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


FluteTalk.com Logo

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Rampal Plays Louis Lot No 1375 Gold Flute

    Performance    June 16, 2011

Rampal Playing Louis Lot No 1375 Gold Flute

I’ve been discussing with friends the interaction between an artist and his/her flute. My friend said, “An accomplished artist can take an inexpensive flute and bring out the best from a low quality instrument”. But, I said, “A finely crafted flute, with quality metal will determine and make a difference in the tone quality, brightness and warmth of the sound produced.

The video below, I believe proves my point. It is a video from 1958 of Rampal playing a gold flute crafted by Louis Lot which had been commissioned by the Philharmonic Society of Shanghai for Jean Remusat to thank him for accepting the job of being president.

The haunting melody is captivating and you can hear the quality of the metal and craftsmanship in the sound which amplifies the masterful skill of Rampal.

Louis Lot No 1375 18K gold flute made in 1869 and played by Rampal in Paris, France, March 17, 1958.

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